Latest Updates

9/19/2020 – The nursery is coming along nicely!

We cannot thank Erin and family enough for the wonderful gifts sent our way for baby. Just look at how adorable these animal prints are – already hung with care in the nursery!

9/2/2020 – Playtime!

Thank you Danny R. And family for the amazing gifts – such as the sassy tummy time play and the graco soothing chair. We have heard both will be essential. We also love the adorable sheet sets we received – you are so kind and we are so grateful for your generosity!

9/1/2020 – Something new, something old…

A big thank you to the Jensen Family for all of these wonderful gifts. Both the bassinet and rocking chair have been in the β€œfamily” for some time, and will make great additions to the nursery. Thank you so much Shelly and Bob! The high-chair is brand new- with all the bells and whistles! We also adore these super cute books for baby – what great selections Andy and Sarah! We are so grateful!

(PS) – The green and yellow blanket was made for me by Shelly and Nana when I was a newborn. The colors could not match the walls any better than if we tried πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜œπŸ˜™

8/31/2020 – Foxes, sloths, and elephants, oh my…

We received so many lovely items from Katie, Lynn, and my nieces and nephews yesterday while visiting. What a pleasant surprise! The sloth blanket is as soft as it is adorable – and the onesies are through the roof! Thank you Finley Family – we love you guys!

8/30/2020 – Thank you Jocelyn

For all of these lovely gifts! We cannot thank you enough and can not wait to share with baby. We love and miss you!!

8/28/2020 – Bassinet and Bookcase

So excited to share these photos of the gorgeous and freshly renovated bassinet and bookcase we received today! Thank you to all my aunts and uncles for these lovely new additions to the nursery! We love you all and can not wait to share with baby!

8/26/2020 – How adorable are these?

Extremely!!! We love these cotton sleepers and bibs along with all the other lovely gifts received today from Aunt Patty. And we cannot get enough of the fox bath towlie set and matching desk light. Thank you so much for your generosity Patty – we love you!

8/25/2020 – Thank you Amina!!!

For the very stylish TibBuk2 travel diaper bag. What an amazing first gift to receive from our registry. I have already begun adding some travel-related essentials for our eventual first visit with baby!

Thank you Amina!

8/24/2020 – A huge thank you to Patty and Nana Deb for helping with the adorable announcements that were sent out today. So happy with how they turned out! Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for visiting!

8/23/2020 – Finished painting the new nursery (old guest room). Those colors are fresh guacamole and surfboard yellow! Hope you enjoy – and a big thank you to Nana for helping to paint! (Picture removed per request of said Nana). We’re looking forward to filling the space soon crib, etc.

Fresh Guacamole 😎

Surfboard Yellow

7/25/2020 – Created our Amazon Baby Registry

7/15/2020 – Screening Process

Received our first official screen! Obviously, this one did not work out, but learned some valuable lessons in the stage.

6/24/2020 – Home Study Completed!

This was the final milestone of our home study and documentation process – we are now in the final matching stage. During this stage we will review many “referrals” from soon-to-be-mothers who are looking for adoptive parents for their upcoming newborns. So glad this major milestone is finally completed.

4/10/2019 – First Adoption Orientation

Attended our first orientation with our adoption agency – Full Circle Adoptions. Met with fellow parents to be along with one of the agency social workers who outlined the upcoming multi-stage process.